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I’ll show you the leaks that are costing you thousands every single month. Plus, I’ll outline exactly how to spend your advertising budget more effectively to reduce wasted spend and increase your ROI.

My 3 Phase Customer Acquisition System



Your message needs to be shared with your audience. Your solutions help them go from point A to point B, and you know they desperately need you.

But can they find you?

If they can’t, they will most likely end up at your competitors.

Forget about the latest hacks in SEO and stop relying on search engines to show your website organically, this is not a way to build and grow a successful business fast. 

The value of a business is based on its ability to acquire new customers and therefore you must control, and own your traffic.

Buying direct-response advertisements on the platforms where your ideal customers are hanging out, whether they’re searching on Google or Bing, or scrolling on Social Media, is the best and fastest way to grow your business.

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This is the part where the money is made. It’s the return on investment that counts after all.

Buying traffic is great, but it’s only good if you can convert it into dollars. You want to optimize your marketing to get the most conversions possible for your marketing dollars AKA return on investment.

Metrics such as CPC, CTR, or even likes, shares, and comments mean nothing, they don’t pay your bills. CAC (Cost to Acquire a Customer) is the most important metric. Knowing how much it will cost to acquire a new customer will change your business — being able to buy new customers on demand.

The goal is to build a system that consistently converts visitors into new paying customers and have them spend as much as possible to increase your AOV (Average Order Value) whether it be online or offline.

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Effective retention systems loop existing customers back to the business for repeat purchases and refer friends & family to the business. This dramatically increases that important LTV (Lifetime Value) of your customers.

The higher the LTV of your average customer, the bigger your margins, and the more you can afford to spend on traffic to acquire new customers.

Retaining existing customers is the “magic pill” to increasing that important LTV.

In addition to that, the cost of selling to existing customers who already know-like-and-trust-you is negligible compared to the cost of acquiring a new customer who’s never heard of your business before.

Remember this; the goal is to spend as much as possible to acquire a new customer, not as little as possible in contrast to what most people think.

If you can out run, out spend, and out bid the competition, then you always win.

What are you waiting for?

I’ll Show You How

Once you’ve booked your session and provided me with the information I requested, I will start my researching phase and analyse your current marketing strategy which we’ll discuss during your discovery session.

In most cases, I’ll be able to show you quick wins that you can implement yourself right away that will have an immediate impact on your overall marketing efforts and your return on investment going forward.

If you wish to have me implement my findings for you and take everything out of your hands, we can talk business. For now, take advantage of my complimentary paid media audit by booking your discovery session today.




How I Built A Patient Acquisition System That Generated More Than 1500 Leads in Just 6 Months

These results have allowed the client to scale into multiple locations helping even more people suffering from mental health disorders. Hundreds of those have since overcome major depression and feel great again — a real result.

How I Plugged Leaks That Were Costing An Urgent Care Clinic Tens Of Thousands A Month

Discover 6 life saving changes I made for an urgent care client in the United States who spent upwards of $150k p/month on Google ads in accounts that were hemorrhaging cash. These strategies stopped the bleeding and reduced the cost per lead by 30% in just 6 months of working with me.

In these case studies, I will share with you the secrets no other marketer will tell you, and show you how to apply my direct-response strategies to dominate your industry and crush your competition.


Who do I send both case studies:

Client Success Stories

Here’s what some of my clients are saying…


“Just a quick note to say how impressed both Gareth and I have been with the service you have provided during our quest to market our last minute New York event.

Your kind of enthusiasm and dedication is rare in this world and regardless of the results we achieve (which is why I’m sending this now), I hope we have forged a long term relationship from this project.

To anyone looking to work with Lez, I can tell you that Lez is a rare individual who works flat out to get results, whatever it takes.

If you’re serious about generating leads through Facebook advertising and want it managed professionally, look no further.”

Grant Stain

CEO & Co-Founder, Blam Online Ltd.

Artificial Super Grass

“My review is a must read for business up and down the country who are sick and tired of struggling with genuine sales leads.

I first met Lesley back in March 2018 when I was wasting money on online advertising campaigns not really knowing what I was doing.

Lez quickly showed me how he could improve my advertising campaigns and warned me I would have more work than I could ever imagine if I put my trust into him.. within 3 months he said!

After 2 months of handing Lez full control of my Facebook marketing campaigns, he had transformed my sales and now 5 months on he has quadrupled our turnover. Lez has generated amazing results!

Not to mention his advice on why our actual company website was underperforming.. this in itself has been remarkable.

I would highly recommend Lez to any business that is looking for serious growth!”

Neil Conway

Managing Director, Artificial Super Grass Ltd.


“Hello my name is Cat Howell, and I wanna give a huge shoutout to Lesley who smashed through a lead generation Facebook media buying industry challenger series.

Parts of the challenger series are extremely hard to achieve the results to win — very few marketers were able to achieve this.

We developed this challenger series so that we can really segment out the marketers that know their shit from those that don’t and Lesley is in that ‘knows his shit’ camp.

If you ever get the chance to work with Lesley, I would say absolutely do it! He clearly knows what he’s doing.

We are also happy to inform that Lesley has been verified as a FATC Tier 3 contractor which is the highest skill level that we offer businesses who are looking for vetted media buyers.”

Cat Howell

CEO & Founder, FATC Digital Distillery Llc. & Eight Loop Social Llc.

Who Am I?


My name is Lesley Van De Mortel and I am a professional direct-response media buyer with 4 years in-depth experience in running larger advertising accounts, and a highly-experienced digital marketer all-round. I’m accredited by Google, accredited by Microsoft, certified by DigitalMarketer, certified by FunnelDash, certified by FATC, certified by AdSkills, certified by the Digital Marketing Institute, and certified by various other industry organizations.

In addition to that, I hold the globally recognized SQA Level 8 Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, and I am currently completing the SQA Level 11 Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing.

I was born & raised in Geldrop, the Netherlands, and moved to the United Kingdom in 2012 where I reside with my family in Nottingham. Due to continued growth and demand, we recently added a new location on the South-East coast of Spain to expand the business further into Europe.

Back in 2016, after 15 years of being in the construction industry as a scaffolder, and later as a contracts manager, I decided to leave my job to pursue my new ambition in digital marketing. My journey began experimenting with Facebook ads for an affiliate business that I had just started in 2016.

After months of trial & error, and having wasted thousands of dollars of my own money, I finally cracked the code on acquiring customers online. I then realized that I could apply the same strategies to help other businesses compete online. LEZ VAN DE MORTEL, a consultancy agency, was founded in October 2017.

Since then, I have been certified in almost every aspect of digital marketing and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge that I have applied successfully to many of my clients’ businesses — helping them grow faster by leveraging online acquisition systems.

In the past 4 years, I have worked with over 100 clients and have helped some of those clients rapidly scale their businesses into multiple locations.

I’ve been fortunate to have personally managed a combined advertising spent in excess of 5 million dollars across multiple media platforms on behalf of my clients.

I’m helping businesses in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and across Europe. Some of those clients are industry leading companies in their respective industries.

Besides helping my amazing clients, I am proud to hold the position as Director of Digital Marketing at NeuroStim TMS Centers, a leading private mental health facility with 4 (soon to be 5) individual locations thoughout Washington State, USA. 

If you’re serious about doubling or tripling your customer acquisition, then you should book your complimentary discovery session with me today.



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