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You’re spending more than $5,000 p/month on paid media and have been doing so for at least 6 months, yet you’re not seeing the results you’d hoped for? Take advantage of my complimentary in-depth paid media audit.

I’ll show you the leaks that are costing you thousands every single month. Plus, I’ll outline exactly how to spend your advertising budget more effectively to reduce wasted spend and increase your ROI.

My 3 Phase Customer Acquisition System:


Most businesses spend thousands a month on marketing using platforms such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or others to get their message out without actually getting the results they need in order to grow the business. Their traffic comes at a huge cost with little or no return at all.

If that is you, then I have great news for you — I’ll explain in more detail here below.

There are 3 key parts to buying traffic online:

  • Message – You need a truly compelling, preferably irresistible, marketing message.
  • Market – You need to target a high-probability market that identifies only those most likely to respond.
  • Media – You need to advertise where your prospects are hanging out.

The 3 key parts mentioned above are all equally important. For example, the right message to the right market on the wrong platform is not going to work. Or, the right message on the right platform targeting the wrong market is not going to work either. Maybe you found the right platform where your ideal prospects are definitely hanging out but your message is off… again this isn’t going to work. All  3 parts have to be aligned for it to work.

It starts with identifying who your target audience really is. You need an avatar that is so defined that it is impossible to miss.

Next, you need to research to find out where your prospects are hanging out so you can reach them precisely where they are. Once you’ve identified who you’re trying to help and where they’re hanging out, you need to craft a compelling, irresistible marketing message that truly resonates with your audience. Offer them something of value that helps them move forward in their journey before asking them to commit to your product or service.

Once you’ve done all that, you will start to see that the traffic is no longer a problem in your business.

Of course, I understand that it takes a lot of time and effort to figure this out and to put it into practice, and a busy business owner like yourself probably doesn’t have the extra time to do this and that is fine. I am here to help.

I specialize in buying traffic from various media platforms and understand the 3 key parts to this in depth.

Book your complimentary discovery session by clicking the green button below and fill out my short questionnaire. Let’s get on a call together and I will help you get your traffic right.


This is the part where the money is made. It’s the return on investment that counts after all.

The problem with not getting enough conversions, or no conversions at all, is that almost always the traffic gets blamed… “We can’t get any conversions so it must be bad quality traffic coming to our site”.

Like I explain in the 1st phase of my customer acquisition system, quality traffic is hugely important but the majority of the time when I audit traffic and websites, it’s not the traffic that’s causing the lack of conversions. Most times there are other factors on the actual website that get in the way of people converting. For example, the website doesn’t load properly, or fast enough, and people leave before they actually see your offer. This is called a “bounce”. It’s not uncommon for websites to have a 90% bounce rate which is a problem.

Imagine sending 1000 visitors to your website using paid advertising but your website has a 90% bounce rate, this means that you only have 100 actual website visitors. If you can reduce that bounce rate by just 10% (which is easy), then out of those 1000 visitors you pay for, you actually have 200 visitors that stay on your site. Now you’re doubling your chances of conversions and subsequently cutting your traffic costs in half.

Multiple popups and 3rd party apps on websites that get in the way of visitors when they’re trying to submit a form or pay for a product is a problem I find often.

Another issue could be that your core product or service is priced at such a level that your prospects aren’t comfortable paying for without them know-like-and-trust you. It could be beneficial to splinter off a piece of your core product/service and offer that as an introduction offer. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and some businesses don’t have that luxury. In this case, you’ll need to create an extended content strategy that guides prospects through those multiple stages until they do know-like-and-trust you before you ever present them with your core product/service.

And often I discover that people do actually convert on the website, particularly with service-based businesses, but there’s nobody to answer the phone, or respond to incoming enquiries. Trust me, this happens all-the-time.

Again, your conversion problem could be a traffic problem, a technical problem, or perhaps a “trust” problem. So how do you figure out which scenario is preventing your traffic from converting?

I can help you find the issue faster and I can help you put it right so it’s no longer a problem in your business.


Effective retention systems loop existing customers back to the business for repeat purchases and refer friends & family to the business. This dramatically increases that important LTV (lifetime value) of customers.

The higher the LTV of your average customer, the bigger your margins and the more you can afford to spend on traffic to acquire new customers while remaining profitable.

Remember this; the goal is to spend as much as possible to acquire a new customer, not as little as possible in contrary to what most people think.

If you can out run, out spend, and out bid the competition, then you always win.

“He or she who is able and willing to spend the most to acquire a new customer wins!” — Dan Kennedy.

Retaining existing customers is the “magic pill” to increasing that important LTV. In addition to that, the cost of selling to existing customers who already know-like-and-trust you is neglectable compared to the cost of acquiring a new customer who’s never heard of your company before.

So how do you build an effective retention system?

The strategy largely depends on the nature of your business. Do you sell multiple products or services that can serve customers more than once, or do you have 1 core offering?

Let’s assume you have multiple products/services and you have the ability to sell to your customers again, then you want to stay top of mind even after they have purchased from you. There are multiple ways of achieving this from remarketing ads to email follow ups (newsletters packed with value) and ultra-specific messaging campaigns. Ideally, you want to combine all of them and sequence them in a way that maximizes their potential.

If you don’t offer another product or service beyond your core offer, then I would highly recommend looking at your existing customer base and find a way to serve them again. Find another common problem they have that you can help them with. You must do this in order to increase that LTV.

If you’re struggling to find ways to retain your customers then please book a complimentary discovery session with me today.

Let’s look at this together and I promise you it will be worth your time.

I’ll Show You How

Once you’ve booked your session and provided me with the information I requested, I will start my researching phase and analyse your current marketing strategy which we’ll discuss during your discovery session.

In most cases, I’ll be able to show you quick wins that you can implement yourself right away that will have an immediate impact on your overall marketing efforts and your return on investment going forward.

If you wish to have me implement my findings for you and take everything out of your hands, we can talk business. For now, take advantage of my complimentary paid media audit by booking your discovery session today.


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Client Success Stories

Here’s what some of my clients are saying…

“Just a quick note to say how impressed both Gareth and I have been with the service you have provided during our quest to market our last minute New York event.


Your kind of enthusiasm and dedication is rare in this world and regardless of the results we achieve (which is why I’m sending this now), I hope we have forged a long term relationship from this project.


To anyone looking to work with Lez, I can tell you that Lez is a rare individual who works flat out to get results, whatever it takes.


If you’re serious about generating leads through Facebook advertising and want it managed professionally, look no further.”

Grant Stain

CEO & Co-Founder, Blam Online Ltd.

“My review is a must read for business up and down the country who are sick and tired of struggling with genuine sales leads.


I first met Lesley back in March 2018 when I was wasting money on online advertising campaigns not really knowing what I was doing.


Lez quickly showed me how he could improve my advertising campaigns and warned me I would have more work than I could ever imagine if I put my trust into him.. within 3 months he said!


After 2 months of handing Lez full control of my Facebook marketing campaigns, he had transformed my sales and now 5 months on he has quadrupled our turnover. Lez has generated amazing results!


Not to mention his advice on why our actual company website was underperforming.. this in itself has been remarkable.


I would highly recommend Lez to any business that is looking for serious growth!”

Neil Conway

Managing Director, Artificial Super Grass Ltd.

“Hello my name is Cat Howell, and I wanna give a huge shoutout to Lesley who smashed through a lead generation Facebook media buying industry challenger series.


Parts of the challenger series are extremely hard to achieve the results to win — very few marketers were able to achieve this.


We developed this challenger series so that we can really segment out the marketers that know their shit from those that don’t and Lesley is in that ‘knows his shit’ camp.


If you ever get the chance to work with Lesley, I would say absolutely do it! He clearly knows what he’s doing.


We are also happy to inform that Lesley has been verified as a FATC Tier 3 contractor which is the highest skill level that we offer businesses who are looking for vetted media buyers.”

Cat Howell

CEO & Founder, FATC Digital Distillery Llc. & Eight Loop Social Llc.

Who Am I?

My name is Lesley Van De Mortel and I am a professional media buyer with 4 years in-depth experience of running larger advertising accounts. I’m accredited by Google, accredited by Microsoft, certified by DigitalMarketer, certified by FATC, certified by AdSkills and certified by various other industry organizations.

Before I moved to the United Kingdom in 2012, where I currently live with my family in Nottingham, I was born & raised in Geldrop, the Netherlands. In 2016, after 15 years of being in the construction industry as a scaffolder, and later as a contracts manager, I decided to leave my job to pursue my new ambition in digital marketing.

I began experimenting with Facebook ads for my own affiliate business that I had just started in 2016. After generating amazing results for myself, I quickly realized that I could apply those same strategies to help other businesses compete online. LEZ VAN DE MORTEL, a consultancy agency, was founded in October 2017.

Since then, I have been certified in almost every aspect of digital marketing and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge that I have applied successfully to many of my clients businesses helping them grow faster by leveraging online acquisition systems.

In the past 4 years, I have worked with over 100 clients and have helped some of those clients rapidly scale their business into multiple locations.

I’ve been fortunate to have personally managed a combined advertising spent of millions of dollars across multiple media platforms on behalf of my clients.

The greatest advantage of having spent over a million dollars on paid traffic is that it has allowed me to figure out what actually works and what doesn’t.

I’m currently helping businesses in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Some of those clients are industry leading companies in their respective industries.

If you’re serious about doubling or tripling your customer acquisition, then you should book your complimentary discovery session with me today.



Discover How It’s Possible To Acquire New Customers With Consistency And Predictability While Remaining Profitable.

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